Top 50 SEO Keywords for Shoes on Google (Digital Marketing Reference)

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Top 50 SEO Keywords for Shoes

The right and targeted keywords are the most important part of your ad campaign. Because it will be very dangerous to your business if the targeted keywords are not right or even wrong.

Below is a collection of keywords for Shoes business:

KeywordSearch Volume
jordan shoes673000
clarks shoes550000
high heels450000
puma shoes450000
flip flops368000
shoe stores301000
basketball shoes301000
vans shoes301000
mens shoes246000
sports shoes246000
running shoes246000
air force one246000
gucci shoes201000
reebok shoes201000
ecco shoes201000
womens shoes165000
shoes for men165000
womens boots165000
womens shoes135000
merrell shoes135000
kds shoes135000
shoe dept135000
curry shoes135000
shoes online135000
converse shoes135000
shoes for men135000
shoes for crews135000
hotter shoes135000
woodland shoes135000
zappo shoes135000
spring shoes135000
spring shoes135000
6pm shoes135000
miners need cool shoes110000
shoe show110000
gucci shoes110000
boat shoe110000
brook shoes110000
golf shoes110000
new balance shoes110000
jimmy choos shoes110000
nike basketball shoes110000
lebron shoe110000
kobes shoes110000

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